Sunday, January 13, 2013

Divine Timing

There are many things in life that one wishes could happen sooner, that happen a shorter or longer period after the hoped for time. Instrumental in this delay God’s timing which orchestrates the perfect coordination of all factors that make for the smoothest unfoldment, not just of the wished for outcome, but of how that outcome will relate to all other Divine outcomes.

God’s timing reveals perfection – the perfect unfoldment of the maximum forward movement of healing, expansion, love, relationship, financial stability, etc. - all areas of human experience and spiritual experience in which waiting may be necessary. Yet, the task of learning to wait is a complex one for most embodied souls, for it involves a depth of trust in the reality of Divine perfection and Divine love which assures that the best possible outcome will occur if one does not rush things or take things into one’s own hands prematurely, but waits for Divine will to manifest... ♥

~Julie Redstone "GOD'S TIMING"

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trust each and every step you are guided to take, even if you do not understand it in this moment. There may be times that you feel overwhelmed with all you've been given. You are in full flow with intuitive guidance, creative ideas, tasks and undertakings. You may experience a mix of emotional and physical occurrences, but know that this is natural part of the process".... TRUST the process

Friday, April 20, 2012

Your Journey

Everything that has ever happened to you ~ both good and bad ~ has served the ...purpose of your awakening. Everything leading to this moment, has been a CHOSEN initiation ~from a higher part of your being ~ to assist you in the re-memberance of your connection to your own divinity."

its ALL happening FOR you not to you ...

Monday, March 5, 2012

UP Election Maths : How do they work ?

UP Election Maths : How do they work ?

A TV channel exit poll predicts 183 seats for SP as the single largest party whereas and BJP, Cong and BSP all predicted to be less than 100 well short of 202 seats for a simple majority. Here was the reaction from all parties. Watching a TV channel the other day and what each party representative had to say was interesting:

Cong : Rahul Gandhi zindabad. These exit polls do not represent the ground reality under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. We have fought these elections under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and when the results are announced you will see that under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi we will get a majority (202 seats plus) and under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi we will form the Government….Rahul Gandhi zindabad etc etc etc etc etc

SP : (has suddenly started believing in exit polls it seems) This is just a confirmation that we are sweeping the polls and under the leadership of Netaji Mulayam (thankfully not THE NETAJI S.C.Bose) and Shri Akhilesh Yadav Ji, we will form the government with full majority winning in excess of 220 seats etc etc etc etc

BJP : These are only statistics based on surveys. Our grassroot workers have confirmed to us that the people of UP have rejected pseudosecularism completely and we will obtain a simple majority (202 seats plus again) and form our own government without any support etc etc etc etc etc

SP : These exit polls are of no value as people do not disclose who they vote for. Our leader Mayawati ji will continue to be the CM as we will get 220 plus seats etc etc etc etc
The only way for all 4 parties to get 200 seats plus is for election commission to declare 2 winners per seat and allow them to share the seat in the assembly.

Election Commission : “Exit polls are for entertainment purposes only”. Yes truly said, what entertainment they provide..!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


There is a body of water. I am a drop of water in that body of water. The body of water is splashed all over in space such that each drop becomes separated. I am no longer a drop of water in a body of water but now simply a drop of water existing on its own. I am not happy at this lowered status. The glory of being a part of that bucket has been taken away from me. I set out in search of that body of water. Can I find that body of water that has dispersed into countless drops ? Collectively, all the drops together make up that body of water – whether united or not. They are all from the same source. Individually, they all represent the source. Collectively, they all represent the source. Individually they have the quality of the source (the water), collectively, they still have the quality of the source (water). As a droplet, I represent the source, together with all other drops, I still represent the source. Once dispersed, does it matter if I am able to find that illusive body of water collectively with all drops forming that body of water? I have all the properties of the water in me. Even if I joined with all the other drops I would still have the properties of water in me. I am from the source, I belong to the source, and I am the source too. I am separated but yet have what I had before separation. I AM THAT.

The collective body of water is God (Source). Each one of us is a drop from that source. We have all the properties of that source. Why set out in an elusive search for that illusory external source (the body of water) when that source is inside each one of us ? Look inside, and find the source inside us. It will be the most enlightening and powerful realization you will ever have. The once in a lifetime realization. You need to realize this just once and you will be on the highest of all highs for the rest of this life. In an instant following the realization, you will transform from just a drop of the water to the whole body of water (representing the whole universe). Nothing can be more bigger than this truth. The choice is ours. Keep searching for that body of water from where we came from all over the universe or search for the body of water inside us.

That is our purpose in life. To search within for the mystery of our existence. We are limitless because we belong to the source. The answer to our greatest mystery of existence lies in our perception. Do you see yourself as that miniscule drop of water searching for that external body of water from whence it came ? Or do we simply look inwards, discover the source inside us, become that body of water in our perception and realize that we are all from the same source and are all one ?

Unless we realise this eternal truth, we are like orphans who are not aware of their parents (source) - from where they came from.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Indian Premier League III - the first week

A week into the IPL and my comments:
I did well to sleep away during the opening ceremony. Surely we could do something different than laser lights and bollywood dances - don't we have the Filmfare awards nite for such dances? Enough of Bollywood in the IPL. For Cricket's sake, its not Bollywood Premier League. Soon we will have one of these two outcomes - either Lalit Modi will replace Kajol in the next Karan Johar and "whose name is Khan" blockbuster or someone will make a bollywood movie on IPL financed by Nita Ambani of course. Worse, we could have both. Long Live Boolywood and its league of Heroes ...i mean heroines !!
And someone please do something about Ravi Shastri's yelling.
A great opening game which should be investigated for match fixing of course. Gilchrist kept hitting the ball in the sky without being caught and just as he was sure he wouldn't be caught, it happened. No wonder, he had the look of "hey I thought you guys agreed not to catch me" look on his face as he walked off. Never seen Laxman clear his left foot and hit a 6 over long on and Rohit Sharma has a good future in Tennis if he wants an alternative career. What a forehand shot that was !!
Now we have ads between balls..(.i mean between two cricketing deliveries you morons !!!). I was afraid of that and finally it has happened. I wonder who is buying Karbonn mobile phones after listening to Akshay Kumar's laughter (the other laughter champion is Rahul Mahajan) after every delivery. One reason why no-balls and wides have become horrifying for the viewers. God bless the person who invented the mute button on the remote.
As for the security, can anyone explain how a dog ran into the middle of the ground during the Deccan Chennai match?. I hope dogs have to undergo security check before entering the stadium- what about the risk of someone putting a kilo of RDX in the belly or something like that ? Oh, this incident happened twice during the match and the second time around it was not not a dog but a bitch (this proves how closely i watch cricket).

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whom to hit......that is the question

Nooriya Haveliwala. The drunk driver who ironically hit a police jeep on patrol to check drunken driving in Mumbai. And the irony of ironies is that her car also hit a biker who had been stopped by the police jeep for an alcohol breath test. It is irrelevant now whether the biker’s last breath had traces of alcohol in it or not. Even if he was drunk, he did not cause any accident, he was a victim.

So what happens now? We have come across a few cases of drunken driving in recent years, the famous BMW hit and run case that killed 6 people and Salman Khan himself (or was it his driver) that killed 5 road dwellers. The cases dragged on for several years. So how long will this take? Not seven years you dumbos !! This one will be handled differently. For the simple reason that Nooriya made the mistake of killing a police official. And as we all know, the police look after their kin. Extremely well. So don’t expect any technical “mistakes” in the police FIR or the blood samples. No duplicate or incomplete medical reports that will dilute the case. No witnesses here that will turn hostile. If the car is black, then it will be so written in the FIR. The public prosecution will do a job that will make Raja Harischandra and Ashoka the Great smile from the heavens. In record time, Nooriya will get the maximum punishment that she can be given. After all she killed a police official. No lawyer here will dare to broker a deal or buy off anybody here. If ever there will be a case produced before the court with all the crime agencies singing in the same tune it is this, it is this, it is this.
No mercy here. Already the police have announced the exact alcohol presence in her blood on the spot. Does anyone remember the police being so forthright in other cases? The police have said she will be charged with culpable homicide not amounting to murder, which is just a degree less than a murder charge. In a similar case in Delhi yesterday where a drunk driver ran his car over a pavement and killed 3 people, the police have registered a case of negligent driving. See what I mean? Besides, all these cases irritably become public because of these homeless people who have to sleep on the pavement. If not for them, it would simply be a case of the car losing control (not the driver mind you) and hitting a pole on the pavement because of a tyre burst or a pothole on the road. Then it would just involve a technicality of getting a police report that will permit the driver to get the insurance claim for the car damage. All this botheration is caused by people sleeping on the pavement. Maybe they should start sleeping on the roads instead. They seem to be safer as it seems the drunk have a habit of driving on the pavement.

She killed a police official. How unfortunate. If only she had the fortune of losing control elsewhere (if she had it in the first place) like driving over a pedestrian laden footpath and maybe driven over half a dozen of them, all would have been fine. Eyewitnesses would have then described the car as black, blue purple or orange depending on the money paid. The alcohol test report would have flaws in it. The blood sample would have been taken in such a way that a good lawyer would be able to question its authenticity. The case would drag on due to “technical mistakes” and the public prosecutor would ask for more time to close the case due to witnesses turning hostile, suffering from convenient partial amnesia or disappearing altogether. Oh yes, unlike in the other cases, the good thing is that the media need not get involved here to push the case. This case is going to run faster than Nooriya’s SUV. And as for that biker? No one even knows his name. Don’t bother about him. How can you be worried about the biker when a police official was killed at the same spot?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Karmic Effect

Rathore. The news channels are all over the place with this 24 year old case of molestation. This happens only in India. Mera Bharat Mahaan !!

So what is this all about then? Karma. All about causes and effects of our actions. What happened here. Girl is molested by a senior rank police officer. Cannot do anything. Because everything about the system is wrong. Almost like an all round conspiracy. The subordinates of Rathore refuse to register a case or do their job. His seniors protected him. No one from the society bothered about the girl’s case. No one wants to get on the wrong side of the police even if they are on the right side of the law. The school expels the student under pressure. Ironically, the school is named “sacred heart”. Should have been “Scared Heart” instead, more appropriately. To put pressure on the girl to withdraw the case, her brother is harassed and beaten up by the law enforcers. How does it all end ? The girl kills herself. Simple. End of story. Apparently, it would appear that pursuing the case by the girl’s family would serve no purpose but somehow it went on. 24 years. In between Rathore went on to get police awards and reached higher positions.

And then Karma strikes back. No punishment on the lines of torture or broken bones. That’s the beauty of Karma coming around – the so called karmic effect. It just uncovers everything in time. The truth is projected like an image for all to see, including the perpetrator. No God here with a long white beard and an even longer cane beating the buttocks. Just a change in the situation. Which brings out the truth. And suddenly things are taken away. Medals, reputation, power, prestige, all that Rathore held dear and was proud of has been taken away. What does he have with him now? Shame. The shame of molesting a girl his daughter’s age and then doing all to cover up. No remorse. Jail term Is not necessary anymore. He cannot walk in society as if everything is normal about him anymore. That is what he has to deal with.

What is Karma’s objective here? Not to punish but to help Rathore realize the consequences of his actions 24 years ago and his own failure to correct the damage caused. When everything else failed, he was publicly shamed. All the Law of Karma requires from us is to be aware of the consequences of all our actions and take responsibility for corrective actions. The universe is infinitely patient and has allowed this corrective action over several lives until we learn our lessons. However, it seems that we can no longer have that cushion of comfort as Karma seems to be coming around in the same life as in this case.

If we are unable to learn from these Karmic situations then our past actions (unresolved in the eyes of the universe because they are not balanced by a corresponding corrective action) will keep coming back until we have learnt our lessons by a process of self realization. Karma never gives up because it cannot. Karma’s wheels of justice (balancing act) may seem to be slow but they are always moving and watching over us. Often things happen around us which are not favorable and appear as bad luck but these are a result of Karmic wheels moving. Karma follows its own time. Its late but it always arrives. There is no escaping any lesson. That’s why we are here on earth in the first place. Without the law of Karma we cannot progress spiritually. Its for our own good.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Is Anything Really REAL ?

It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.

Quantum Physics. At home these days on leave and getting time to read. Deciding to take a book from reading spirituality or trash blockbusters, I went back to my college reading days. In mid 80s it all started with a new age book titled “ The Dancing Wu Li Masters” by Gary Zukav. I wasn’t sure but when prompted by the book store seller that this is a very thought provoking book, I brought it home and entered the mind boggling world of quantum physics. Strange, (just like the quantum world), my journey into this “new” physics started when I gave up science and became a student of commerce and accountancy.

Quantum theory is so shocking that Einstein could not bring himself to accept it. It is so important that it is the fundamental foundation of all modern sciences. Without it, we would have no computers, no rockets, no DNA engineering, nothing. But some history to begin with.

At the end of 19th century, it was proposed that all research grant to Physics stop as there was nothing new to be discovered or theorized and all phenomenon had been almost satisfactorily explained. How far this was away from the truth, nobody realized it then. Just six years later in 1906 a school drop out working as a patent registration clerk published 3 papers in one year and changed Physics completely. The clerk was Albert Einstein and the papers were on Special Relativity, General Relativity and the Photoelectric effect. Though Einstein is famous for his theory of relativity, he never won the Nobel prize for it. He won the Nobel prize for his paper on the photo electric (PE) effect in 1921 after 15 years. Without going into the details of the PE effect, it threw up a question on the nature of light and the Quantum physics was born.

Over the next 40 years and through two world wars, some of the finest brains in Physics the world has ever known debated the Quantum theory Niels Bohr, Erwin Schrodinger, Heisenberg. Pauli, Rutherford, Planck and Einstein himself. These were no ordinary professors, they were all Nobel laureate winners but they could come to a unanimous conclusion on the Quantum theory. At the heart of the matter was the nature of the atomic particle and the wave – particle dual nature of light which led to the nature of reality and the Quantum theory prescribes that nothing really exists in real but is probabilistic in nature. Thus everything exists simultaneously with varying probabilities but there is no REAL state !! This sounds like something from Alice in Wonderland. The real state which we see is what we observe. So whichever probabilistic state we observe becomes real and the other probabilistic states vanish into other worlds (parallel universes). So it means nothing comes into existence unless we actually observe it. Since observation involves a “measurement’ of the probability we are observing (wither by chance or by choice), even the “real” we see is an altered reality !! So we never see the real REAL (if it exists, that is).

The book I recently read that tok me back into the Quantum world is Manjit Kumar’s “Qauntum” which took me through what went on in the minds of these great physicists over the debate that lasted half a century. I couldn’t help wondering how these people spread across Europe without any computers, internet, air travel. photocopiers, Fax machines, modern day telephones and of course the cell phone continued the debate by writing the ideas and theories themselves on paper and making carbon copies and sending them by surface mail. Then waiting for the response and arranging for annual meetings to discuss theories. Just couldn’t help wondering that if all the modern day communication equipment and internet search engines were made available probably the development of theory that took half a century would have taken less than 10 years !!.

Anyway, the unreal nature of reality, prompted its own proponents mainly, Bohr and Schrodinger the following quotes in frustration:

Niels Bohr :- “Anyone who is not shocked by Quantum theory has not understood it."

Erwin Schrodinger : - “I don’t like it, and I am sorry I had anything to do with it.”

Going through the book, I marveled at the spirit of these theorists who went through endless debate to arrive at that perfect theory that would explain everything. The book ended with a lovely quote on our quest for truth by Gotthold Lessing:

The aspiration to truth is more precious than its assured possession.

Reading on Quantum Theory:

“The Dancing Wu Li Masters” by Gary Zukav. Possibly the best introduction to Quantum physics written by a non physicist for the non physicists.

“The Tao of Physics” by Fritjof Capra.

“In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat” by John Gribbin. Written just after Quantum theory was adopted as proven (that nothing exists until it is observed in the subatomic world) this one is by a physicists and concept wise better than Gary Zukav’s.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Recommended reading on reincarnation


20 cases suggestive of reincarnation by Ian Stevenson

The classical work on reincarnation. 20 cases that will "convince" you of reincarnation as investigated by Dr Ian Stevenson. 20 are a selection from some 1100 cases. You will shake your head as you read each on of them. Unbeleivable, BUT true.

Looking for Carol Beckwith : the True Story of a Detective's Search for His Past Life by Robert L Snow

Written by a New York Police Officer who meticulously tries to proof that the life his past life regression therapy threw up did not exist. Well he proved himself wrong. It did. All facts matched !!. Amazing. Yes, he is a police officer in this life for real.

The search for Grace : A true story of murder and reincarnation


Where Reincarnation and Biology intersect by Ian Stevenson

Mind boggling. Blew me away. Meticulous deatils of past lives and birth marks.

Only Love is Real by Brian Weiss

Real life story of how two soul mates (twin flames ?) meet through Brian Weiss. Definitely divine intervention. Yes, only Love is real indeed. Everything else is an illusion !!

Across Time and Death ; A mother's search for her past life children

Self search of past lives. Very interesting. Corroborative facts.

Children's Past Lives : How past lives affect children's memories by Carol Bowman

Nice reasearch on how past life memories affect children.

Return from Heaven : Beloved relatives reincarnated within your family by Carol Bowman

Collections of readers' contributions of grandparents coming back as next generation children.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Universal Plan

No this is not an investment plan. By now my blog readers would have come to expect a topic on spirituality rather than on anything commercial or economically related. Ever heard of a “spiritual accountant”?. Well you are listening to one right now. Years later, I see myself writing a book titled “Handbook of Spiritual Accounting” or something like that. Anyway, after that stupid boring accountant joke lets discuss something spiritual.

We all have a mission purpose of each life. This is not random but is carefully thought of by us (yes by our own selves – our soul since that is what we are, the body which most of us identify with ourselves is actually just a vehicular illusion – our soul is our real self) helped (guided) of course by our patient guides. Its our life plan. It has an overall purpose, has growth lessons for us and is linked in with the life plans of our several soul mates who incarnate at the same time.

Most people think of soul mate as a “physical” mate, but that is not true. We all are part of a soul group and have several soul mates with whom we have karmic lessons (issues) to resolve and they are the ones who are closest to us. So our friends, partners, children, relatives are all soul mates – some closer than others. The concept of a true soul mate (as a lover) as people understand is actually a “twin flame or twin soul” which is the other half of our soul split into two by God (and joined by God when we learn unconditional love).

Soul mates are important because we enter into pre birth purposes with them and they help us reach our life lessons. At the same our interactions and experiences with them help them reach their life’s lessons as well. So its mutual and complicated as it means several lives are linked to each other through a web of complex relationships and therefore even if we know our life’s plan (this is generally difficult) we would not be able to figure out how it links into the plan of others. But the Universe knows it all. And the Universal plan as drafted for us in this life represents the best that is for us. So how do we ensure that we achieve that “plan” in this lifetime ? Simply put, do nothing. Well, not exactly nothing, but listen to that inner voice and let it unfold in its own time. Our life comprises lessons and events that unfold not always in a chronological order. Lessons and events closely follow each other throughout our lives. As we learn each lesson events are triggered and our life unfolds. More often, because of the modern day phenomenon of getting the maximum and the best out of life we try and grab the “events” even before we have learnt the lessons. Its all about winning and maximizing earnings, and getting (grabbing) more of everything that we perceive to be “good”. The more we get the better. Life is all about accumulation – of wealth, greed, selfishness and always getting the better of others.

So how do we recognize that inner voice? The inner voice instructions are loving positive and are for the greater goodness of all. It will always make us analyze the consequences of our actions on others. This is to be distinguished from the other “inner voice” which is the voice of our EGO which pushes us to act for our own selfishness. The EGO voice is impulsive and pushes us to take immediate decisions based on fear or greed and of course keeps changing. The real inner voice is patient and reasons out because it wants you to master the lesson(s) associated with the challenge you have in front of you and then act so that the life plan unfolds as it is meant to be. Most people who follow the voice of the ego are selfish, lead a chaotic life because they are misled and keep changing their decisions and views quite often. They don’t really understand life’s lessons nor do they develop any ability to analyze life’s challenges and learn from them and the ego mind keeps getting bigger and bigger. As a result these people are less spiritual.

So listen to that real “inner voice”. It is loving, positive and has a calming influence. Our life plan is a rough outline only and the finer details have to be filled in by us (free will) as we go on though life. Listening to the inner voice means patience as we wait for the life’s lessons to unfold and the resulting events so that our life plan goes as planned. Often in our zeal to get what we want quickly in our lives we push ourselves and the situations around us and end up interfering with the process. Our life will present itself in the way it is meant to be. Events and lessons will take place so that destiny takes its effect. Whenever we are at crossroads, we will be “guided” if we are so aware and patient to walk the road that is for the higher good. Listen to the ego and you are likely to astray as it will force you to make an impulsive decision based only upon your own selfish needs. Since we all part of the same universal consciousness and our lives and life plans and development of others are linked, actions based on our selfish greedy inner voices cannot lead us to our real life plan.

The Universal Plan is indeed the divine plan for us and unfolds gradually with divine timing. We need to follow it patiently and with goodness in our heart. If in order to satisfy our needs, we reach out and grab the grapes, they are always sour, because they were plucked before time. But if you wait for them to fall into your lap, they are ripe and perfect. That is how the Universal Plan unfolds in our lives. With divine timing. Interfere with the plan or the timing and we get less of what we are destined to have. So let the Universal plan take over. You get maximum returns that way. So it is a good plan to invest in after all.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Recommended reading on spirituality

Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss
Explains the concept of several lifetimes and reincarnation through real life regression cases

Journey of souls by Michael Newton
I think this is the best of the lot in terms of explaining the whole shebang or whatever it is called. What happens between two lives, what happens up there, how we reincarnate, Akashic records, sould groups, development it has ALL. Again from real life cases.

Destiny of souls by Michael Newton
Expands on the Journey.....

Life After Life, Reflections on Life after Life and the Light Beyond - a set of books by Raymond Moody

Real life cases of Near Death Experiences (NDE)

Courageous souls : Do we plan our life challenges before birth ? by Robert Schwartz

Excellent examples on how advanced souls plan challenging lives to advance further in the ladder of soul development

Lifecycles : reincarnation and the web of life by Chirstopher Bache

Book dealing with why of renicarnation

Twin Flames : A True Story of Soul reunion by Antera

This is on spiritual love. Link on amazon below:

Monday, January 19, 2009

Visualisation and the art of manifesting your dreams

Visualisation is based upon the law of Cause and Effect, and whatever you see and believe forms a mould for your outer reality. If you meditate for a few minutes on what you want then it WILL manifest itself in reality and events will happen that will take you there. Just keeping the vision alive in your mind is enough. What is important is that this meditation and the vision in the mind should not disturbed with any negative thoughts at all.

If you hold on to your faith and dreams, anything you see will eventually become a physical reality. However, if the faith waivers or your dreams shift from one image to another, your reality will reflect this fear and confusion.

Manifestation of a vision involves allowing your dreams to flow from your inner mind’s eye to the other world. As you are manifesting, pay no attention to the seeming obstacles that may pop up or else the flow of direction will reverse. In other words, you will use pictures from the outer world to influence the pictures in your mind’s inner eye.

Our thoughts are messengers and magnets. Guard them carefully and only choose thoughts of love and success. In this way, you ensure that you attract only love and success. Our doubts influence the outcome in a negative way.

Manifestation requires faith. Usually, we have more faith that our fears will turn into reality than we have faith in our happy dreams becoming real. The only reason that manifestation becomes difficult is that sometimes we feel that we must strain to make our dreams come true. It is enough to know it will occur and keep the vision alive and not let it interfere with negative events that may happen. With time, events will start happening that will bring the reality.

Visualisations can instantly out-picture into reality if our minds accept this as a possibility. However, when we feel afraid or undeserving of an image coming true, we often try to force the dream into reality. Our visualizations then tend to become pressure filled and tense. The tension blocks the reality. The trick is to surrender to the firm vision and then let it go completely, it will come about. We can create whatever we desire. Whatever we concentrate upon always out-pictures in the physical plane. This is the basic Law of cause and Effect.

So if you want something to happen, keep that image alive. Don't put pressure on it, just surrender to it completely. Like breathing. At the same time do not think how events could prevent it from happening. When you do that you actually create such events and this will either delay or prevent your ultimate goal from happening. So along your ultimate goal, if you do not want certain (negative) things from happening, then don't think about them at all and they will not happen. And, also no need for any tests or tossing a coin to see if it will happen or not. Testing teh outcome means there is doubt in your mind and this doubt will interfere with the outcome. Also, if the result of the test is negative then doubt will enter your mind (whether you are aware or not) and will influence the outcome in a negative way.

Positive thoughts, positive energies, positive outcome. Yes, we can get what we want if we want it !! It's all in the mind. And one day like magic its all out in the physical world as reality. Abra cadabra.

Monday, January 5, 2009

How to jump between two mountains with Faith

Let's say you are alone at a cliff and have to cross to the mountain to the other side. You have no tools no rope nothing. Except faith in God. What do you think? Will prayers alone and your faith take you to the other side ?

Faith is not sitting at the edge of the cliff waiting for God to appear and take you across the cliff to the other side.

Faith is walking off the cliff knowing that one of the two things will happen. Either God will give you wings to fly or God's hand will appear and carry you to the other side. BUT you have to take the first step. That decision and the act has to come from you and not from God.

You can stay till eternity at the edge with the faith that God will take you across but you have to look inwards and ask. Why are you not taking that first step? Isn't it fear that what if nothing happens and you fall of the cliff ? Isn't the fear of failure actually a lack of faith on your part to a certain extent? If you really have faith then put it to test. Walk. And watch the hand of God carry you across to where you want to go.

Earth is enveloped in a blanket of free will. The choices are ours. They cannot be taken by God. We pass up several opportunities in life by waiting for things to happen and still keep praying for what we want and use the excuse "if it is destined it will happen". When it doesn't despite our prayers we come to the conclusion that it was not meant to be and give up. What if God did answer your prayers and is waiting at the cliff with hand outstretched to hold you and take you across? There is only one way to know if your prayers were answered. Walk. Test your faith. If your faith is true you will be carried across. If not, then its probably better to fall off the cliff than waiting for eternity. Be bold in your faith and all the forces will come to your aid. Every small step taken with faith then becomes a giant leap. By the way, waiting for eternity at the cliff waiting for things to happen on their own and dreaming about them is also a choice.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Michael Holding, the art of fast bowling and Peter Pan

Yes, I confess I am above 40. And this article is about that. And fast bowling. And Peter Pan.

So does life begins at 40? Yes it does. But again it does not.

One of the greatest cricketing fast bowlers of all times, Michael Holding had this to say about fast bowling:

“Fast bowling is an art. Too bad, by the time you master it, you are too old to bowl fast”.

How true. Fast bowlers appear on the horizon at a young age say early 20s when they have the exuberance of youth, the strength and the passion to bowl fast but do not understand the game as they should. They lack a “head” for cricket and focus on bowling fast and not on bowling intelligently. Of course this is changing now with the technology and excessive coaching available fast bowlers are becoming better at the art of fast bowling at a younger age than it was in Holdings times.

Enough of fast bowling. What does it have to do with life ? Well, the similarity of Holding’s quote on learning an art only when you are too old to practice it, is amazing. Holding was a genuine fast bowler who became better as he slowed down his pace. Yes, by the time he became really good at the art of fast bowling he had lost the muscular power of youth (and the passionate desire) that is needed to bowl fast. That’s exactly how we all start off our life after the teen years. Fast and furious and pace ourselves faster than what is needed and use less of our wisdom BUT then at that age just like Holding we have not accumulated the knowledge of fast bowling or the wisdom to slow down and live life slower and at the right pace.

Yes, 20 years later we have had far more life experiences and can look back and say yes we could have things done differently. But then the experiences of the past years do not repeat. What we have now is the wisdom of 20 plus years for each experience and see them in a flashback and know all the goof ups we did. If only we could be born with the knowledge that we are going to gain from our experiences throughout our life and then live this life with that knowledge, wouldn’t it be wonderful? But then everything would be known and then what is the need for any experiences at all? Don’t we go through life’s experiences in order to learn? Each of us is nothing but the sum total of our experiences that we keep accumulating throughout our life.

So yes, in your 40s you are in a better position to “play” the experiences of 20s. But the universe is smarter than us. We get a different set of experiences with age. The universe does not reveal its mysteries once and for all. There is always something at each age and we have to live our age. The lessons are always learnt in the past. The universe keeps ahead of us as we learn our lessons so that even though we are older and are equipped with more wisdom and understanding and maturity, the experiences are not repeated in the same form but are repackaged and presented so that they pose the same degree of challenges throughout our lives. Just like the fast bowler who is only blessed with first the youthful strength only to lose it in inverse proportion with age as he understands the very art of fast bowling. That’s why we always keep going in our past and replay certain (unpleasant) events based on our current wisdom and wish we had done things differently.

BUT this is the only way to learn. With age we are better able to analyze the past events of our lives and see the effect it had on us and our other companions and it helps us improve our future lives. ONLY to find that the universe has increased the level of our future lessons and tests so that the going remains equally tough if not tougher with age. Just like the master teacher who knows his student so very well and sets the question paper based on his learning. And as the student masters the lesson better, the questions keep getting tough in direct proportion so the degree of difficulty of solving the questions remains the same.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of us remained like Peter Pan as the boy who never grew up? And could feel the thrill of bowling fast forever? There is a Peter Pan in all of us. As we grow with wisdom we give up on fairy tales and leave Peter Pan behind and along with it our youthful exuberance and the accompanying intensity and passion boys carry in all they do. If we can somehow find a way to continue believing in fairies and Peter Pan we will carry the youthful qualities of a fast bowler – youth, exuberance, self belief, intensity and of course limitless passion as we age and will be able to live a more complete experience.

Peter Pan was able to fly because he never grew up and so continued to believe that he could fly. As we grow up, knowledge replaces our faith in small things and our wings fall off. We are embarrassed to think we ever believed in Peter Pan. And later on as we enter old age always wonder about getting back the intensity, the passion of youth, but little do we realize that we killed these qualities by ceasing to believe that great experiences of life are flavorless without feeling them with intensity of purpose and passion.

The other problem is that most of us cannot remain Peter Pan because when we interact with others we have to be different. You are not expected in your 40s to carry the enthusiasm of a boy. Its not an expected behaviour pattern and as we age we always want to show that we have matured. If we don't kill the Peter Pan in us as we age people around us do it. be your age, come on, how can you get so excited about such a small thing and so on. This is kind of strange because we lose moments of life which even at older age can be lived differently. Again it is a conceptual behaviour pattern I am talking here. Continuing the analogy one obviously can't bowl like a 20 year old later on in life but if we can carry the same qualities in abundance a fast bowler (which incidentally are a hindrance in becoming a better bowler) and bring the thrill, the intense desire and the passion in things we do as we get older we can enjoy every moment in life. This doesn't mean that one has to dance and run around with hair flying (if any hair is left at this stage) while watering the plants. The qualities of finding a thrill, intensity joy and passion in everything we do is more a condition of our mind than of our physical behaviour. If we can do that the combination is a perfect cocktail for enjoying every moment of life and our experiences (particularly the small ones) are amplified.

Just look up and see the expression on Peter Pan’s face flying with Tinker Bell and you will know what I mean. As for Tinker Bell,,,well that’s another fairy……oops…I mean another story.

Monday, December 22, 2008

God, a small prayer and the true value of money...

Long ago I read in the Upanishads about God being everywhere; only we have to feel HIS presence around us. Day before I realized how true this was.

In India now. City of Bhopal to be precise. In laws place. Just a week off before the work madness starts. So here I was out to the market with my father in law and my two boys – me at the rear seat with my younger one trying my best to stop him from putting his precious hand out of the window. This is called progress by the way. I remember those train journeys of my childhood and how I was scared to put my hand outside least I hit a pole or something and here was my naughty 2 yr old who I knew would jump out of the window if given half a chance.

Back to the subject. So FIL had to pick up some stuff from a shop and left us in the car because there was no parking available. There were cars, bikes, scooters and people in the busy market place.

And then I saw her. A woman. Not so well dressed and in dirty clothes. With a kid in her arms and another by her side. I smiled. The kids were of same age as the ones I have. The smile was replaced by sadness when I realized she was begging in that busy market. She was close to my car. I must give her some money. In the time I struggled and managed to pull out my wallet from my tight jeans (no thief can pickpocket me I am assured now) the woman was nowhere to be seen. But she was just here. I looked around searching for her in that crowded place. And then I saw her again. She had taken a right turn from my car and had walked away.

“Come back” I said like Kate Winslet in the Titanic movie but to myself. She kept walking away asking for money but with no success. I couldn’t get out of the car and go after her because of the little one. And then I made a little prayer. To God. Please make her about turn and allow me to help her. I kept looking at her as if I didn’t want to lose her in the crowd again. Barely 10 seconds later she turned. And looked straight at me. And walked. Straight towards me. She hadn’t just picked up my car in that crowd of cars and people and bikes and stray dogs as well. She had picked up the rear window and was looking at me while she walked. I was dumb struck Almost as if someone had told her to come to me. I made no signal to her but she stopped by my window. I smiled and handed the money through the half opened window. I did not get a smile back. She walked away. Leaving me with what I think was a minor miracle. I had just seen the power of a small prayer. Oh by the way, my little one must have loved me putting my hand outside the window and was inspired by it because he kept trying to do that on way back. What a struggle I had with him !!

Later that night as I waited with my wife and cousin to be picked up and had “coffee while waiting” at a good coffee chain I noticed that the price of the coffee was almost 5 times of what I gave that woman. But the money spent on that coffee and the coffee itself had little value as compared to the value of the money that I gave was to her. The true value of money is not in what it can do for you but what you can use it to make a difference in the lives of others. Even if it’s a little bit (after all we earn for ourselves and our needs), that little bit can give you (and someone else) more satisfaction than the rest can.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The week after.....

I wasn’t planning to put this on this blog as I have avoided political writings but I have read and heard that I want my views known. I will classify this as social and so post just one of my views on this whole saga.

The smoke from the Taj has now vanished and replaced by intense protests by the man on the street (only these people do not stay there they are just referred to as being on the streets). Almost as if they were so bored of watching TV for almost 60 hours that they had to come out. On the streets.

All are angry at our Politicians and Pakistan (P factors). I decline to comment on our politicians and their role in this tragedy but I do have a view on Pakistan and its supposed role but I will not put it down here. Some are also very vocal about the Muslim community but again I will ignore that here.

I do understand the anger of the people who are pointing fingers at the P factors but can we look inwards please? There were only 10 terrorists. I repeat, 10 of them. Does anyone for any second think that they did not have accomplices, co-conspirators, or were not helped knowingly or unknowingly by others who believe it or not have to be Indians ?

They all had bank accounts and operated credit cards. Now it is not possible under Indian banking laws to open bank accounts without an existing account holder of that branch introducing that customer. Was that procedure followed? If yes then can we now question the person who introduced these terrorists to the bank? Or if not, then can we press charges against the account officers who either through sheer negligence or through bribe violated this very important aspect of KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures that all banks are supposed to follow? Surely the officers were not directly acting on instructions of Zardari or Patil or Deshmukh?

Where did they stay on their reconnaissance missions to India?. How did they get fake ID cards, who verified their addresses? Can we now start investigating the lead backwards and start booking (for assisting terrorists) all the people who have been negligent in their duties and directly or indirectly helped the terrorists plan for months without getting caught. I am sure if a thorough investigation is made we could have up to 50 people in the net. Make an example of these. Book them on charges of assisting terrorism. The so called logistic support from “outside” was actually executed in our own land by our own people.

It appears that illegal landings have been taking place in that fisherman’s area for long and that includes smuggled goods. Surely the police know this? And have been blessing it in return for their haftas? Haven’t these smart terrorists used this to their advantage ? What has Pakistan got do with this hafta vasuli system?

In the 1993 Bombay bomb blasts the custom officer that allowed the RDX to get through was an Indian (and a hindu) and the police team that caught the arms and RDX truck but then let it go by taking bribes was also from India (and hindus).

Our system is so corrupt that it is easy to exploit. Our borders at Assam and Bangladesh are open not because they cant be closed but because keeping them open allows import of voters, smuggled goods and several other benefits. Why do we assume that others with vested interests (be it Pakistan or anyone else) will not use this porous borders for their own agenda and benefits. Its called Bahti ganga mein haath dhona.

The terrorists have partially succeeded. Their timing was right just a year before the elections so that we can all deepen the communal divide further as the great Indian Vote Bank does good business (probably the only bank in the world doing so). The real success of terrorists will happen when we blame Pakistan and continue to ignore our own backyard (actually it’s the whole house now).

The problems and the solutions lie within us. The solutions are there to be found. All we need is to acknowledge the problems that are within us. Enough of self denial and self delusion. Lets turn that finger towards ourselves. And PROBE. The truth about the extent of our own negligence will shock us all.

But who wants the truth anyway? Isn’t it better for all to just point the finger at Pakistan and get back to watching the soap operas again on TV until the time another such tragedy happens so that we can get back to the 649 news channels again.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Descent of the Devi

The Devi is the Eternal feminine and worshipped in all her forms. She is Kali and Durga, Parvati, Sati, Annapurna, Ambika. She is the mother of the Universe and it is said without her power, Shiva becomes Shava (corpse). Her essence encompasses the ferocity of Durga, the compassion of Lakhsmi, the erudition of Saraswati and the instinct for battle of Kali. In her various incarnations Devi is warrior, mother, faithful wife and the source of knowledge, delivering all that her devotees ask of her. The Sanskrit word Durga means a fort or a place that is protected and thus difficult to reach. Durga, also called Divine Mother, protects mankind from evil and misery by destroying evil forces such as selfishness, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, and ego.

The Devi Bhagvatam is said to have been composed in Bengal in the sixth century and has over 18000 shlokas. The text is only available in Bengali with Hindi commentaries. It has filled with legends of the Devi. Rich in drama and symbolism, these stories have survived today with the same intensity as they did when they were first told. So enjoying the legends every morning for a few minutes and loving it.

Thye say the Devi descends down to Earth - Kolkata during the Durga Pujas and for 10 days the city virtually comes to a standstill. So, this time I was in Calcutta during the pujas after 11 years. Don’t remember much but it was raining then and it rained this time also. The first difference I noticed was the temperature. It was hot and humid as if it was July August. I stayed in Calcutta for a quarter of a century but I dont remember October being so hot. Global warmin perhaps ? Anyway, after the first round of Devi darshan the Devi Bhakti took over and I suddenly had a strong desire to get something on the legend of the Devi but did not have the time to go to a bookshop. It so happened that I entered a toy shop and it had a book section and almost as if some power (shakti) was at work I walked (or was I led?) straight to a shelf and within 5 seconds of entering the book section I was staring down at the lowest shelf of a rack and saw an abridged translation of the Devi Bhagvatam which I picked up and put in the cart without a thought. They say the Devi delivers when asked for and I asked for a simple translation of her legend and the Devi obliged. Should have asked for more…..he he he.

When I was very small – say 6-7 years old I used to be scared of the Durga’s image and the lion, the corpse of the buffalo (mahishasur took the form of the buffalo) and mahisha sur being pierced with the trishul was all scary for me. In addition the fierce look in Durga’s eyes and her 10 hands also scared me (but why so many and all filled with weapons). I still remember screaming and running away crying from the pandal with my brothers holding me tight in case I got lost. Later my mom used to explain that the eyes are big and scary because the Devi is angry at the demon not to those who worship her. This time around what scared me was a combination of rain, humidity, the traffic and the crowd so the puja visits was limited to a few pandals only that were easily accessible. Now back home in Muscat I am reading the Devi Bhagvatam and enjoying the legend. No longer am I scared of the eyes and arms of the Goddess. They fascinate me now. Endlessly.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Karma and Reincarnation - part 2

Why is understanding of Karma important? Simply because we are Karma personified. We are nothing but the sum total of our Karma(s) across all lives and in order to understand ourselves we have to understand our Karma. Not so easy because ordinarily we do not have knowledge of our previous karma and mostly we do not possess (unless we happen to be really evolved souls) the wisdom required to understand it in detail. Again most of us always manage to find reasons for our actions in this life and again continue to have unresolved karma. Our human quality of self delusion makes us biased when it comes to self judgement and therefore unless we acknowledge we have done wrong, we cannot rectify it. Or even if we accept we have done wrong, we justify the effect to be not significant enough to require an equally opposite corrective action.

Karma is only the cause and not the effect. The word in the Upanishads used for the effect is “vipaka”. So when people refer to “good karma” they actually mean “good vipaka” but the use of the word “karma” to mean both cause and effect has been accepted so universally that “vipaka’ is rarely used anywhere. Karma and Vipaka. Cause and Effect. That’s what it is all about. Making choices (by our actions) and inheriting (living) the consequences of those actions. We live the consequences and this is not punishment for the actions. Living the consequences are lessons that are meant to make us realize the causality of our actions and learn the results (hurts) our actions had on others. This repeated process leads to the evolution of the soul. So Karma and the effect and the process of understanding the relationships between the actions that we choose and the resulting effect is a learning tool akin to a laboratory where we can only by carrying out practical exercises and not theoretical.

So how does Karma work without punishment for bad deeds? Lets say X slaps Y for no reason as a starting point. Y is hurt. The degree of hurt felt by Y is the “karmic debt” which X now owes Y. IT DOES NOT MATTER at all what X feels about the slap. X cannot reduce his karmic debt by justifying that the slap was just a touch. X’s karmic debt is in direct proportion to the degree of hurt felt by Y. Let us assume that Y does not react and does not take any action against X (to make things simple here). The question is how does X rid himself of the karmic debt? By doing an equal and opposite good act for Y. X and Y then become karmicaly neutral. Again, this karmic neutrality cannot be obtained by Y slapping X in return. For the simple reason that two negatives do not cancel out but add up to double negative of the same. Further, the degree of hurts felt by X and Y will not be the same so karmic debt cannot be eliminated so simply.
A negative deed (karma) can only be balanced out by an equally opposite positive deed. Therefore when we live the consequences of our actions (the needless slap in this case) they are not always negative or a punishment. In this case X simply has to realize that he has wronged Y by slapping him needlessly and doing something in return for Y based on the realisation that Y is hurt and try and feel the degree of Y's hurt. X’s report card shows “bad” karma of slapping Y but then it also has a “good” karma of the good deed done for Y and they balance out. Y’s report card shows nothing. Neither did he slap nor did he do anything to X as a result. Neither did he get good karma when he was slapped nor did he get any bad karma (or a karmic debt) when X did something good in return for him. So karma is literally “action”. It is good or bad depending on the “effect” and not on how you justify the cause. (to be continued).

Monday, September 1, 2008

Karma and Reincarnation - Introduction

Enough of love. Now time for some logic. Begining a series on what Karma is all about and how it is linked to Reincarnation. Note: Again I claim no authorship on the discussions that follow on Karma and Reincarnation. Its all based on the books I have read and my own experiences, and my own understanding (very limited) of how the Universe functions. By the way, no one other than the Master Creator can claim authorship of this Divine Law called Karma. Its the principle (purpose?) behind this whole creation and the reason why you and I are on this web page.

One of the first and most dramatic illustrations of karma can be found in the Mahabharata. Arjuna the warrior is preparing for battle when he realizes that the enemy consists of members of his own family and decides not to fight. His charioteer, Krishna, explains to Arjuna the concept of "duty" among other things and makes him see that it is his duty (karma) to fight.

Karma means "deed" or "act" and means the universal principle of cause and effect, action and reaction that governs all life. Karma is not fate, for we all act with free will creating our own destiny. Upanishads say that, if we sow goodness, we will reap goodness; if we sow evil, we will reap evil. And this principle is not limited to Hindus but deeply rooted in other cultures. Bible refers to “as you sow so shall you reap” and there is an old English saying “ He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword” and “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you".

Karma is not punishment but simply a consequence of our actions. The effects experienced are also can be somewhat mitigated by actions and are not necessarily fated but can be changed. That is to say, a particular action now is not binding to some particular, pre-determined future experience or reaction; it is not a simple, one-to-one correspondence of reward or punishment across lifetimes.

Karma refers to the totality of our actions and their reactions in this and previous lives, all of which determines our future. Karma is the reason for reincarnation(s). Karma connects our different lifetimes and ensures continuity. I love this law because I am an accountant and understanding it makes it easier. Yes, its about accountability. If simply put, it tells us to treat others as we would want to be treated, it’s a very simple law, but gets phenomenally complex when you start trying to unravel how something so simple actually works. Acrosss different lives and why we dont (and should not) have any knowledge of our past karmas (that are relevant) in our current lives. (To be continued)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Unconditional Love - Continued....AGAIN !!!!

Back again. This is like the Friday the 13th series or the Star Wars saga. Even after the last part a fresh series starts. Some feedback and interesting discussions with a few colleagues. Unconditional love is a blessing but is not given, but has to be earned. You must prepare yourself to be able to reach a state of unconditional love in any relationship, it is not an automatic. How do you become ready you ask? Well you will have to learn to love deeper than you ever thought possible and that usually means meeting, loving and losing near unconditional love. Are you brave and strong enough to be able to risk loving with your heart and soul just to have the dream shattered? If not then seeking unconditional love is not for you for you must deepen your capacity to love before you can know unconditional love and that means experiencing pain as well as joy. The more pain you have experienced the more joy you are capable of holding within. Sometimes the cup of love must be completely shattered before it can be built strong enough to hold the unconditional love we are all capable of but scared of the pain. No pain, no gain. Steel is tempered through flame and your heart must be tempered through pain before it is strong enough to reach of state of receiving and giving unconditional love.

Unconditional love has to be learnt through experiences of conditional love. Only when you know what jealously is and be in a jealous relationship can you really “give up” not being jealous. Let me use an analogy to explain why you must know the conditional aspect first before realizing the unconditional aspect. Its like if you do not know “fear”, you cannot really call yourself “brave”. Lets say there is a bomb under the chair. And you have to sit on the chair. There is no bravery in sitting on a chair with a bomb under it if you are not aware of the bomb because the fear of the bomb is not there. But what if you knew about the bomb and yet go and sit on that chair ? (some will call it stupidity..but hey this is just a learning example….AND don’t use that word “stupid”…this is such intellectual stuff !!!) That is a brave act. So in order to be brave you need to know what “fear” is and conquer that fear. Courage lies in overcoming your fear. Similarly, in order to conquer the negative emotion of “jealousy” you need to experience and be jealous first and then make that effort to raise your love beyond jealousy. Yes, falling in love is so easy but rising in love so difficult. Similarly all other elements have to be conquered as well. You need to experience both from a giver and receiver’s angle and then progress slowly but surely towards unconditional love. Experiencing conditional love is necessary and is like a training for the ultimate relationship which we all want in our lives but are not prepared to go through the pain of conquering the elements of conditional love first.

Most of us will spend a major portion of our life in a conditional love relationship but it is necessary to go through the time with full heart and at times with full hurt. Yes it seems unnatural for we all seek that perfect blissful relationship. Therefore we have to go through a time period of experiencing selfish conditional love with full heart. Like reaching out for the thorns with full faith that they will not hurt but be hurt. Then you know you are ready for unconditional love. Just reach out again with blind faith this time. Instead of thorns there will be a beautiful rose in your hands. God’s reward for enduring the pain.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Unconditional Love - Final Part

Ok all this has been very confusing to write. So here is a summary. Unconditional love is rare but not impossible. It’s a higher level of love and is divine. It is easy to say that you love someone unconditionally but you need to ask yourself could you love this person if for some reason they could not remain with you? Could you give your love to this person with no expectations, not even that the love will be returned or even recognized? Can you love this person for no other reason than there is simply no other option available to you? If you can answer a resounding (and honest) yes to all of the above then you are experiencing unconditional love. But before you say that be sure that you will be put to test and God will find a way to test you. To know and understand unconditional love you have to experience the conditional type first and then only you can begin to comprehend the phenomenon of unconditional love by CONTRAST. You will get unconditional love in your life when you ready for it – ready to love unconditionally FIRST. So you have to cross the barriers of jealousy, possessiveness, surrender completely, trust love completely and feel beyond the body. So that your love become self sufficient and loving unconditionally is sufficient. You are able to give love freely without the need to receive any.

I had been avoiding the introduction of “karma” in the discussions of unconditional love but now I know it is not possible to keep it out of discussion. Unconditional love is rare only because of unfinished “karma” between partners. Our karmic lessons and the karmic debts between the partners almost make it impossible that there will be unconditional love between any two partners. Because they have to teach other lessons of unconditional love and that can only happen by first experiencing conditional love. To cut a long story short, karma makes it difficult for unconditional love. So for unconditional love to happen it has to be between two partners that do not have any karma between them.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Unconditional Love - Part 4 - Beyond Body

Love is sufficient unto love _ Kahlil Gibran wrote that.

Ok. This one is tough. I have to be careful while writing this because I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot..(yes I meant foot..what did you think !!!!). When I say “beyond body” I do not mean abstinence so don’t get me wrong. And am I glad that my wife does not read my blogs ?. All I mean to say is that do not equate love with the sexual or the physical aspect alone. Actually, unconditional and pure love need not have anything to do with the body at all. Yes, love is expressed physically (and can be wonderfully done when in a state of higher love) but it is actually way beyond physical.
The purest motive for sex should arise from an overflow of pure unselfish energies towards your partner and then only one can reach unfathomable heights – expressed mutually and unselfishly of course. This rarely happens and the key word is “mutual”. Most of the time it is not so and that’s why phrases such as “doing it”, “are you getting it” etc etc are in use and denote an insecure way of seeking self satisfaction. Again this leads to more and more possessiveness and becomes less and less mutual and more of a necessity to feel secure through physical expression and is selfish by nature. This is a vicious cycle because the more and more you get attached to expressing love through this aspect alone, the less freely you are able to give and receive love and the need to then possess the other person keeps increasing.

This takes the love to a position where it is dependent upon external factors for its existence. Love is something internal and should flow outside without any conditions and therefore I mean it is beyond body. Pure love should not be dependent upon our own desires or expected behavioural patterns from our partners or else it is conditional. Yes, love is indeed sufficient unto Love.

Unconditional Love - Part 3 - Non Possessive

True love is non possessive. Possessive love arises from your own insecurity about will I be loved tomorrow? (This insecurity supposedly blocks the heart chakra as they say but I cannot explain more as I am not too knowledgeable about chakras). Possessive love is a lower level of love and the insecurity actually makes one selfish and in this type of love you are worried about how you can get more so that the insecurity will go away. Possessive love demands attention and tangible receipt at all times and there can be no end – its like an abyss and the more you get, the more possessive you become and the more the fear of losing the object of love. And if you are wearing a mask then it becomes a great stress factor to constantly keep on that mask or else…..

In this situation, all you are capable of is extracting or getting what you need to satisfy yourself to conquer that fear which is a temporary fix. The fear comes back in a bigger way and you want more as your needs keep getting bigger. Soon, you are in a situation where the relationship is only about ME ME and MORE of ME. Never about YOU or US. ME and what I can get and my needs and are no longer capable of giving, but only taking. The relationship moves on to a lower level. Selfish. The security which you want by trying to possess the other person leads to failure of the relationship.

Possessiveness leads to the fear of losing. The two are twins and come as a package deal. The more you fear losing something, the more you will want to possess and the more you want to possess something, the more the fear of losing it becomes.

So best is to let go…..and the fear of losing that love will go with it. You cannot lose something that you do not possess. Difficult to conceptualize and even more difficult to put in practice. But the benefits far outweigh the effort. So let go and the fear will disappear too. Without the fear you will find it easier to throw those masks away and move closer to being accepted unconditionally and this itself will lead to a reciprocal response from the other side and will allow your partner to breathe easy by throwing away those masks You will be able to truly discover your partner and fall in love with a person that exists for real.

Remember that old cliché – “If you love someone let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever, if not then it was never yours to begin with”. Its very true. Take the step. Possessiveness (and the related fear of losing the object of love) is all in the mind anyway. Let go and free yourself. And wait for the love to return – in a bigger brighter more beautiful way (it’s like giving up your BW TV for an LCD one with surround sound plus plus but you need to have trust). The sooner you reach this higher love the more it can do for you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Unconditional Love - Part 2 - Surrender and Trust

Surrender involves throwing away the mask. Completely. A very important element of unconditional acceptance. You cannot be accepted for what you are not. Similarly, as long as your object of love is wearing a mask (either out of choice or because of your actions) you accept “someone” else. I agree a degree of mask is necessary because of fear of being hurt through rejection and also because we do like to change based on the requirements of the object of love. All temporary changes made just to make someone fall in love with you keeps adding on masks within masks.

Putting on a mask is easy and allows us to go incognito and reduces the fear of rejection. If rejected, one can always change the mask, hide behind a new mask and try and gain acceptance. But what if you are what you are and have surrendered completely to the other person. Where do you hide if rejected ? Yes, this leads on to the next element of unconditional love – TRUST. A trust that your partner will not hurt you by rejecting you for what you are, trust that you partner will accept you unconditionally as you want to be. Reciprocal. Doesn’t work one way as it only pushes the mask-less partner back behind a mask.

When someone loves you for the mask and how you have projected yourself, you must understand that it is not the REAL YOU that is getting the benefit of love and acceptance but a projected image of yourself altered based on you perceptions of attracting that love.

Once you surrender yourself for what you are and trust that you will be accepted, you know each other as you really are. By accepting every aspect of your love’s behaviour you have learnt to look beyond the “act” and focus on the “actor”. This results in a deep level of mutual understanding that is not otherwise possible.